A little history of the 32nd year of “Randy’s Cafe”

UNBELIEVABLE ! Start of my 32st season! When I originally opened back in the day, I was to be in business for 3 years, sell the business and then take a 3-5 year trip of sailing to various ports throughout the world!
I am now recognized as the longest owner of a a restaurant in the Coachella valley with the same original owner in its original location! We have had an “E” ticket ride that “Uncle Walt” would be proud of!
Words cannot say enough to “Thank You” to those of you that have taken your valuable time to and support me through the trials and tribulations and challenges of everyday life at ‘Randy’s Cafe’.
I am a native “Californian” (very few of us, Palo Alto, Stanford) whose parents were fortunate to discover this gorgeous breathtaking valley in the 60’s and to have 2nd and 3rd homes to visit.
So you might be entertaining the idea to open a restaurant! Your friends say you’re a fabulous chef! Are you aware statistically that 90% of all restaurant’s fail within the first 3 years of business? That 80% close within 5 years? This is the most difficult business to succeed in! (L.A.Times, Harvard Business Review state that this is the the most demanding business and contributes to a high divorce rate to be in!)
I operate a few small businesses that have variables and characteristics that require your individual attention, time, energy, and a thing called life! “Whatever you put into something you get more in return!”
So over the years of operating this small little “Cafe” I have been fortunate, humbled, honored to cross paths and given opportunities that are few and far between for most people!
I have spent time with three different United States Predisdent’s, numerous Senator’s, Governor’s, Ambassador’s, and other various governmental leaders, charity, organizations, and groups.
In the entertainment field…..Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Clint Eastwood, Ginger Rogers, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra, Gregory Peck, Paul Newman, Louis Armstrong, Charles Shultz, and many more….
The community that we reside in allows me to have visits from the vast and wealthiest minds in business and CEO’s of Forbes 500…
Sport’s ….where do I start? “Hall of fame” parents opened the doors to have access to the greatest minds and teacher’s…..besides my parent’s….John Wooden, Ara Paraseigiien, Bill Walsh, Vince Lombardi, Amos Alonso Stagg, Pop Warner, Joe Paterno (ask me about him)….check out the accolades about my parents in the hallway….
I have worked and continue to work with NFL, MLB, NBA, WTA, ATP, PGA, and LPGA players and teams….from winners of the most prestigious torunmaments, awards, and games…and most importantly assisting over 100 student/athletes in attaining Division 1,2,3 scholarships!
My greatest contribution with student/athletes is I am the most prolific Coach/Trainer/Nutritionist/Mentor and friend…with whom the student/athletes I have been fortunate to work with have gone on to win more DVL, CIF Championships than any other coach/trainer in golf, tennis in the valley.
How did my training career start? I trained a woman who was the body double for Jacquelyn Bisset in the movie “The Deep” (wet “T” shirt opening scene), then did the rehab for Roscoe Tanner shoulder (Dr. Frank Jobe), George Brett (MVP, led baseball in batting average and doubles, Hall of Fame, Kansas City Royals baseball), Gary Hallberg (PGA Tour, 1st 4 time NCAA All-American), NCAA Champions Vanessa Webb, Jared Palmer, Jeff Salzenstein, etc, and numerous tennis Grand Slam Champions…..and then with the top modeling agency in New York where I worked with models for sport’s media shoots….that was all in my first 5 years….I was VERY lucky……
I attended Palo Alto High, which was directly across the street from Stanford University. I played Lacrosse and was good enough to be asked to play for the Stanford Lacrosse Club and traveled the country playing various universities and eventually we were so good Standford started to offer athletic scholarships. It was so much fun….even in college!
Played rugby at Hastings Law School against the best rugby teams in the country…..
In 1979 as a free agent I tried to play professional football as a wide receiver at an older age (letter on the wall) contacted 6 teams – 2 teams showed interest – Raider’s and Seahawk’s (1 had a $100 dollar waiver pick-up). I was in the great physical & mental shape-never played-they wanted me at 191 lbs….178!
I was fortunate as a youngster to work in television and a motion picture…and to this day I continue to in this medium. Recently, I wrote a screenplay that was adapted for the screen in Europe on the breathtaking game of “Polo” shot in Sotogrande, Spain…this 6 episode “Love Story” of the game and “Real Polo” lifestyle was a first with Hollywood. The drawback I was presented a contract that only an idiot would sign! No credit for anything and sign my life rights away!
Hollywood shot a a major motion picture with big stars in the “Cafe” that never made it to the big or little screen! Can’t figure this on out….the NEVER paid a location fee….
I became a regional and national spokesperson for ‘Enerpath’. A PSA “Go Green” campaign announcement for your community and U.S.A.! Go to “You Tube” type in ‘broadcast yourself’, then type in the search engine “palmdesertenergy” …….
I also own “We Drive Your Car For You”….to airport, dinner, and specail occasions-or maintenance of  your vehicles in the off-season. A limited and prestigious private clientele…..
I also design and consult in designing commercial kitchens and operations.
Life’s great treasures await you….when you least expect it….have NO fear and upon your hearts to change….being comfortable is not living…..so enjoy your visit, make great choices, take care of your health (#1)…the great mind of John Strass father of Duke says:

“Make the REST of YOUR life, the BEST of YOUR life”…JPS